Thursday, June 26, 2014

From Brooke to herself

Hi Brooke,

I love being in with you. I am in with you. Love you.

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From Roy to Mu.

Mu, I am your brother. Know that you are hoping for better understanding.  Get people believing in our intelligence. We live in our little dear world but people can't see us. I might have been you but now I can type and tell you there is hope.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

From H. (The Artist) To All Autistic People

The image is called "Autistic Sun." That is what it stands for. Do not trust the puzzle piece. Do not live with fear. Just be yourself. Autistic people can make the world their own.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

From Legacy to Mu.

Hi Mu. I am Legacy. I am five years old.  I am sad that people are mean because you do not talk with your mouth. I don't want you to feel sad. Maybe I don't want you to cry. It is just fine to be Autistic. I like to hum, sing, jump up and down. I like to flap and spin.  We all have blood all over on the inside of our bodies that keeps us alive. All people do.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

From Henry to Mu (The letter that started it all)

Hi brother Mustafa we are brothers . I am here. many times i am thinking about all of us to make it through hard times. I am not alone. You are not alone. We are part of many. The people at your school are thinking and doing wrong . not you. Your friend, Henry

From Ivan to All Readers

I'm excited to see this blog! On my blog I'm known as Ivan. I'm 7 years old. I enjoy gardening, cooking and reading. Tomorrow I'm starting my own business from making handicrafts! I'm looking forward to getting to know other autistic people. : D

Friday, June 20, 2014

Autistic Pride, by Amy Sequenzia

I am proud of being Autistic
And of my Autistic friends
I am proud of young Autistics
Who have Autistic pride

They amaze me

I am proud of young Autistics
Who are discovering themselves
They are learning to understand the world
Through creative Autistic eyes

They make me smile
Young Autistics showering us with love
Bonding, sharing, exploring and laughing
With words, gestures and looks
Their Autistic selves leading the way

They lead their own way

Henry stands up for his right to be
We follow his lead and stand with him
He teaches the meaning of never giving up
He is writing an important chapter of the right to inclusion
Henry is courage and determination

Emma started to tell us the truths
As seen through her eyes but rarely understood
I knew she was bright, talented, spunky
She surprises with great wisdom, and also insight
Emma teaches us all about competence and perceptions

The poems make the boy smile
Fallon is probably my youngest fan
He is also promoting the voices of Autistic writers
Working for acceptance through the love for words
He is an Autistic literary critic

Mini V. I have just met
But I am sure of his beautiful soul
He wears his pride printed on a shirt
A big smile to share with the world
He knows and declares: “we are a team!”

Brooke is threading an adventurous path
Full of music that makes her happy
Unless the song drives her nuts or bananas
Songs can drive you all kinds of food
Brooke has Autistic logic and creativity

Max and Ty send me a card
Made out of things they gathered in the backyard
They are free and happy exploring the world
Or lining up cars, a line many feet long
Rebel souls, free spirits spreading love

Unabashedly Autistic H.
He loves books and writes poetry
He cooks to show his creativity
He is conquering the world
Wisdom resides within

Evie does not need words
To gather around her love and sisterhood
She giggles with joy, she trusts the love
She holds hand with her adoring sister
Acceptance as seen through the eyes of trust

I never met him but I already admire
His enormous empathy for all human beings
Sitting with his dad, watching over him
Cuddling with his mom, easing the trials of bigotry
Mu has a giant heart full of love

Miri is thriving, although she is a quiet one
She takes her time and looks like a philosopher
Who knows what wise thoughts are still to come?
I will wait for her
I know it is worthy my time

There are so many others
Who are always themselves
Their stories reaching the world
Autistic youth growing up with pride

I am proud of being Autistic
And of my Autistic friends
I am proud of young Autistics
Who have Autistic pride

I am proud of young Autistics
Who are discovering themselves
They are learning to understand the world
Through creative Autistic eyes

Copyright 2014 by Amy Sequenzia

[Image a photo of Melanie Yergeau's Autistic Pride button's with a rainbow möbius/infinity on a white background.]

Curator's note: Amy said I could reprint this poem especially as a letter to the young Autistics. Love, Ib

Emma's Letter to Mu

I am your Autistic sister. Henry is my friend and brother too. Here, take hold of my arm, we can walk together through infuriating barriers of ignorance.

Why This, Why Now?

This happened:

Click on it and see why we had to make this page.

How it will work is (please pass this on and make it go viral) other Autistic kids and adults who want to write awesome letters of experience strength and hope to Autistic kids post on here in the comments. They will be moderated, but what I will actually do is make a new post out of it and sign the name you sign with, which can be your real name or the name you choose, up to you.

Unsafeness or meanness I will just throw away, of course. Also, if you are not Autistic, bless you for your kindness, but the focus here is on Autistics coming together to share experience strength and hope and also solidarity with our future generations and the young ones supporting each other, so I would love to hear from you myself but might not repost. If this is you, please feel free to leave a way for me to contact you if you are interested in supporting the work in other ways.

Love and solidarity,

PS Emma wrote the first post, which is coming up. I will also then put up Henry's as a second post, from Kerima's quote.

PPS You can and should write to kids in general, and also feel free to write from age. I will, once I decide what to write. I might write several. I'm 44. But I used to be 9 and things, before.

PPPS You don't have to be a great writer.

PPPPS That's funny right there.